Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ready Set Shop

Ready Set Shop (RSS for short) is solely an online every day deal website. We will send you an email about our daily deal each day. Have a look at the deal and if you like it buy it. We will send you out a RSS voucher for that product.

What is a RSS Voucher

This is your voucher, and this you use to redeemed for your product you have just won. The RSS Voucher can be redeemed at the vendor the day after the deal closes.

How long do I have to redeem my RSS Voucher

Each deal will have the time frame on the voucher. So don’t forget to check the fine print carefully. The expiry date is clearly shown.

I Have a business and would like to sell my product

Please email us on and one of our staff will call you and talk about the products you have to offer. Remember we are looking for great deals for your customers.


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